Ensuring Student Mental Wellbeing whilst introducing Block Mode Intensive Learning and Teaching

  • Zoe Allman De Montfort University
Keywords: Mental wellbeing, Block mode, Undergraduate, Computing, Engineering, Media, Inclusive, Student success


As De Montfort University, a UK-based University, introduced block delivery across the undergraduate portfolio the University sought to maintain a continued focus on, and commitment to, an institution-wide approach to embedding mental wellbeing.  With mental wellbeing relevant to the whole university community and recognising the power of transformational change to impact wellbeing, the university cross-examined student feedback to understand and ensure mental wellbeing.

An intensive block model was introduced at De Montfort University (DMU) from the start of the academic session 2022-23.  Undergraduate student experiences and learning from the initial months, focused on those in the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Media, are presented alongside an examination of the methods and impact of embedding mental wellbeing in this new intensive mode; ensuring the continued institutional approach to embedding mental wellbeing in the curriculum, providing inclusive support for all learners.  The learning and impact identified from initial experiences indicate areas of strength and areas for development, enhancement and growth.  This article presents educational practice implications for other providers exploring and implementing block delivery in intensive learning and teaching modes.

The University’s HealthyDMU philosophy recognises mental wellbeing is relevant to all, informed by a social model of wellbeing, in which a student’s experience of mental wellbeing is directly related to their environment and experiences, based on the five ways to wellbeing (Aked, Marks, Cordon & Thompson, 2008).  Embedding this throughout the curriculum reduces wellbeing barriers to facilitate student success, establishing pro-active approaches to mental wellbeing and a health promoting environment.

This article provides a unique focus on student experience from the position of mental wellbeing embedded in curriculum design and delivery.  This paper presents an exploration of student responses to the introduction of intensive delivery at undergraduate level within a UK university, positioned around support for mental wellbeing.



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