Teaching on the Block

an exploration of university educators’ experiences of block teaching in higher education contexts

  • Amanda Muscat Victoria University
  • Melissah Thomas Victoria University
Keywords: Block model, teaching and learning, immersive, pedagogical innovation, higher education


This article presents case writing research that explored the pedagogical benefits of teaching in Block mode through a university educators’ perspective. The authors of this research examined their tertiary teaching experiences of Block Model delivery. Through two teacher-authored cases, the researchers engaged in a collaborative practitioner research framework to critically reflect on their own teaching experiences in Block Model to uncover and examine the patterns occurring across iterations of various deliveries. The aim of the research is to examine approaches to teaching and learning in Block and unearth the pedagogical changes required to effectively teach in Block. The aim of this paper is to contribute to our understanding of Block delivery from a teacher perspective and examine the benefits to teaching and learning experienced through Block model delivery. The findings suggest that the systematic foundation of Block delivery, coupled with the immersive nature of Block led to a range of pedagogical benefits such as an enhanced sense of belonging, increased notions of student agency and it promoted scaffolded instruction. The hope is that this classroom-focused research will provide the basis for further research and refinement of Block teaching and learning.

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Muscat A., & Thomas M. (2023). Teaching on the Block: an exploration of university educators’ experiences of block teaching in higher education contexts. Journal of Block and Intensive Learning and Teaching, 1(2), 32-48. https://doi.org/10.15209/jbilt.1301